Sales man and the manager

12 09 2008

I heard this funny story from my old buddy just now and I want to share with you here. The story would be like this, there is one sales representative visits a hypermarket. As a gift, he presents the hypermarket manager with a box of cigars and the manager says

“No, thanks, I tried smoking cigar once and I didn’t like it!” replied the manager.

The salesman tried other way hoping to clinch some sales offers to take the manager for a wine, again…

“No thanks, I tried drink alcohol once and I didn’t like it” replied the manager.

Then the salesman glances out the office window and sees a golf course. and the salesman says…

“I suppose you play golf, I’d like to invite you to be a guest at my club.”

“No thanks,” the manager replied… “I played golf once and I didn’t like it.”

Just then a young man enters the office…

“Let me introduce my son, Adrian,” says the manager.

“Let me guess,” the salesman replies. “An only child you have aren’t you??”




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