Create Your Own Social Network

20 09 2008

I just created my own social network at a cool web 2.0 service where you can create your own social network. This is a great services where you can communicate and discuss anything with your networks that you created. My social network is called ‘Apa Cer Tek?’ which is my local Sarawak Borneo language and English translation means ‘What’s up?’. This is the word that we always use when we meet our friend asking what is the plan or the things that we are going to do. I created this community for anyone who would like to know and alert about clubs, events and activity around Kuching especially during the night time. If you are a ‘kaki lepak’ and you don’t know where to hang out or you are nightclub crawlers but you do not have any ideas where to club in Kuching, you may join us and we in the community will help you and maybe we can give you ideas the suitable place for you. At the moment around 23 people joining ‘Apa Cer Tek?’ social network for just 2 days created and most of them is my own friends and i believe this community size will keep grow and grow… so… Apa cer tek??




3 responses

23 09 2008

pal,join ning ker?ape yg best dr facebook..hihi

23 09 2008
Abang Hajib

klu ko yang manage komuniti sendiri kat ning… mcm2 ko boleh buat… senang2 nak advertising guna Ning.. hehehe… Sekarang komuniti aku dah 40 lebih orang… target 1000 org nie… join ler klu nak blaja bahasa Sarawak… hehehe

11 10 2008
Signorina Syima

hurm… aritu pergi kuching sengal sgt… tak de sape nak bawak gi entertain…

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