Enrich Your Word Power

21 09 2008

One of the reason why I write this blog is because I want to improve my English writing and vocabulary. Malay language is my first and daily spoken language and I speak English once in a while only. Everyday I read blogs and news in English but i don’t think my English will get a lot of improvement just by reading, so I try writing with an audience reading my writing, so i blog. Mumbling in my heart I keep saying if people understand what I try to explain and writing, means that my English is good enough but we still need to improve our vocabulary and enrich our word power to make our articles and writings more interesting and perhaps, grabbing more audience reading our articles.

Today is Sunday, I will post 10 words with a multiple choice meaning answers on this post and I will keep posting 10 words every Sunday start from today. It’s just a quiz for my English improvement, perhaps you may take a pencil and a piece of paper and try this quiz to see how good is your vocabulary.

1. cavalier – A)anxious B) sorrowful C)hostile D)casual

2. condone – A)to disapprove B)excuse C)remove D)correct

3. tangible – A)real B)tasty C)endless D)profitable

4. remorse – A)frustration B)sadness C)forgiveness D)regret

5. autonomy – A)independence B)radicalism C)stubbornness D)strictness

6. metamorphosis – A)enchantment B)transformation C)hypnosis D)criticism

7. pivotal – A)flexible B)protective C)supportive D)crucial

8. shunt – A)to quiet B)offset C)get rid D)avoid

9. fidelity – A)perseverance B)submissiveness C)loyalty D)playfulness

10. onus – A)misfortune B)commitment C)excuse D)burden

1.(D), 2.(B) 3.(A), 4.(D), 5.(A), 6.(B) 7.(D), 8.(C), 9.(C), 10.(D)

Vocabulary Ratings
1-3 Not bad, 4-6 Good, 7-9 Excellent, 10 Exceptional

I got 6 corrects, how about yours? You may leave a comment with your result.




One response

22 09 2008
Johnny Ong

good english lesson here …. hehe

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