Magic Math Equation

23 09 2008

My friend give me this math question last night but i still can’t get the answer and my friend neither. Any math expert can help us? The story would be like this…

Adrian, Bryan, and Darren go for window shopping at The Spring shopping Mall. While looking around at shoe shop. Adrian trying a shoe and he decided to buy the shoe but he left his wallet at home. The price of the shoe is $97 then he borrowed $50 from Bryan and another $50 from Darren then he bought the shoe. He pays $100 to the cashier and the balance is $3.

On the way home, with the change $3 left, Adrian want to reduce the amount he borrowed from Bryan and Darren and he pay them $1 to each of them and another $1 is left. That’s mean Adrian only borrowed from Bryan and Darren $49 each. okay… the tricky part is like this..

Amount Adrian borrowed… $50 + $50 = $100

shoe price… $97 Then he pay.. $100 – $97 = $3

he pays $1 to each of them = $3 – $1 – $1 = $1 am i correct?

Amount he borrowed… $49 from Bryan and $49 from Darren…

and $1 left to Adrian…

if we add the last amount he borrowed from Bryan and Darren plus the amount left to him…

$49 + $49 + $1 = $99

but at the first place… Adrian borrowed $100 from them but now short another dollar. So, where is another $1 going? I don’t have this answer. can you solve it?




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23 09 2008

Look at this…Adrian have 100= 50+50Then he buy shoe 100-97=3 (97+3=100)Then he pay them 1 so this is look 97+1=100-2 So we have 98=98 and everything is good. He should give back boys 98$ (49 for one person). Not 49+49+1 (should be +2 that he give back).But perhaps I think bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

23 09 2008
Abang Hajib

mmm… not so bad… ๐Ÿ™‚

24 09 2008
nurul hidayah

Adrian has $100 = [Brian($50) + Darren($50)The shoe price = $97So, da amount dat he actually used from each of them are $97/2=$48.50 each.So, da balance are $100-$97=$3In order to reduce da amount dat he borrowed,he must pay the balance equally to both of, $3/2=$1.50 each$100=($48.50+$1.50)+ ($48.50+$1.50)$100=$100Betol kah?encang ajaklah..hehehe..

24 09 2008
Abang Hajib

the problem is.. you have to follow my story… give back $1 each… anyway… nice try…

24 09 2008

ok…can i put it dis way…adrian has 100 = 50+50da shoe is 97so..100-97=3so he pays $1 each to both of them n $1 left for him,rite?then,it will become like dis…97(shoe price)+ 2($1 each for brian n darren) = 100 – 1(da $1 left for him)97+2 = 100-199 = 99so he should give back 99 (49.50 for one person)so.. $49.50 + $49.50 + $1 = $100btol ka or still not follow ur story? ;p

24 09 2008
Abang Hajib

still not follow the story..wher the 50cent come from..the change is only $3… and he gave back $2 to them.. $1 left to him… thats all..$100 – $2 = $98$98 + $1 = $99 … hahaha…

11 10 2008
Khairi Nairfan

Let me try this..Hahah, dulu aku yang bagi soalan nie kat orang tapi aku pulak yang luper jawapan dia.Its just like this, this question become tricky sebab kita terlampau sangat ikut jalan cerita dia. That’s the pschology.Okaay, it sounds like this.Amount of Adrian borrowed is $50 + $50 = $100After buying shoes, he got balance $3Starting here, set your mind…If he pays $3, means that he only borrowed them $97If he pays 1$ each of assume this…$97(the total he borrowed) + $2(amount he pay) = $99 (and he still have $1)So, its same as $49 + $49 + 1$ = $99Memanglah dia pinjam $100, tapi biler dia dah bayar $2, hutang tue sepatutnyer $98 dah, bukan $100 lagi. Cube kalau dia bayar lagi $1, maknanyer hutang dia jadi $97 = harge kasut tue.Persoalannyer sekarang, kenaper perlu kita compare $100 dengan $99 tue. Itu trick dia sebenarnyer

11 10 2008
Signorina Syima

jap… i ada jawapan dia tapi.. i missplace the answer… boleh bagi i seminggu untuk trace jawapan for this q??boleh?

4 11 2008

I think the amount he actually borrowed was only $98 ($49 x 2) bcos he returned $2. But still has $1 balance bcos the shoe was only $97. I think that $99 was only a confusion.What do you think?

6 11 2008

i was facing this qns too! DARN! i was searching online for the answer!

14 11 2008
Frymaster Speck

ant and arzed are correct. $99 is meaningless. if, after giving back $1 each, he has borrowed $98, then shoes ($97) plus change ($1) = $98. put another way 49 + 49 – 1 = 97.

14 11 2008
Signorina Syima

alamak dh lebih seminggu…tp sbenarnya kenapa nak kait kat seringgit punya citer tu?? tak de kaitan sebenarnya…

20 11 2008

i don’t understand the question here.perhaps you should revisit the english classes again,hmmm?

21 11 2008
Abang Hajib

You the only one didn’t understand this question… you are the one should go for English class…

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