No More Photoshop!

13 10 2008

Do you see those pic above? very nice edited right? you don’t need to learn photoshop or be a graphic designer if you want to edit your picture like my edited picture above. What you only need is your own photo and go to Choose the effect you want from their list and upload your picture. It will only take a second to generate the edited picture like above. Don’t forget to try, it’s really cool and fun. ๐Ÿ™‚




6 responses

13 10 2008

woah cool! good info thanks for sharing!

13 10 2008

Cool things.. Thanks for sharing bro..

14 10 2008

nice info pal.. dah lah ak suke edit pic.. toce2..

21 10 2008
ejal la tok

cun benda tok! alu pakei ku tek! kakakka

23 10 2008

wow…mmng best website nie…berguna jugak untuk aku…

14 11 2008
Signorina Syima

wow.. best ni.. tapi tak de masa nak pegi try… next time maybe..

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