I’m on Twitter

16 10 2008

Twitter is a free instant messaging which allow users to send news or any updates to your friends. Twitter is quite a nice way into online publishing. It’s quick and easy to both contribute to, listen to others and expand your network of readers.
I use twitter as a networking tool. I like to meet people who are on twitter who are innovative passionate people. Most of people who are on twitter write blogs so they appreciate comments and will often come back to check you out. You can definitely develop relationships that would bring more traffics to your blog.




5 responses

19 10 2008

im on twitter too!stalk me =p =p

21 10 2008

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25 10 2008

aik orang atas ni buat iklan ke spam? eheheheadd aku kat twitter please = elfreakz

4 11 2008

enko dah reg twitter yek.. nanti ak nak bwat gak arh.. dgr leh nambah trafik ke blog.. masyuk lah lau mcm tue..

23 11 2008

terima kasih dengan info ni…saya pun baru je nak daftar tweeter…nampaknya tweeter semakin berkembang…

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