Enrich Your Word Power (money talks)

9 11 2008

How well do you know the language of money. Let’s try these few words below.

1. consolidate – A)to hand over B)combine C)accept D)accomplish

2. arrears – A)line of credit B)interest rate C)transfer of rights D)unpaid debts

3. legal tender – A)negotiated settlement B)contract C)money D)copyright

4. commodities – A)junk bonds B)agricultural and mining products C)short-term notes
D)penny stocks

5. bear – A)puzzle B)unregistered security C)liability D)pessimist

6. dun – A)to overcharge B)keep secret C)remove D)pursue payment

7. frugal – A)productive B)thrifty C)attentive D)efficient

8. audit – A)to sue B)give support C)examine records D)sell assets

9. penury – A)piggy bank B)poverty C)small change D)injustice

10. assesment – A)commitment B)outline C)compromise D)evaluation

1.(B) 2.(D) 3.(C) 4.(B) 5.(D) 6.(D) 7.(B) 8.(C) 9.(B) 10.(D)

Vocabulary Ratings
1-3 Not bad, 4-6 Good, 7-9 Excellent, 10 Exceptional

I got 7 corrects, how about you? You may leave a comment with your result.




One response

14 11 2008

yes!! at last! i’ve tried everything! including movabletype blog, to share my photos… thanks yaaaa… i want to try thisssss..

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