Jing Project: Screen Capture, Screen Casting and Instantly Sharing

13 11 2008

I spend most of my time on Internet. I blog, doing some Internet marketing, eBay-ing, and trading needs me to active posting in forum, discussion, and my social networks I created with ning.com. Sometimes I need to share image or anything captured from my screen with my friend. So, I need a image sharing function program that will make easier and faster to share anything that I capture from my screen with my friend.

Jing Project is one of the sharing function screen capture and screen casting tools from TechSmith. It is a free software (for the time being) that you can easily capture or screen casting and instantly you can upload your files to screen cast.com which is a hosting site owned and run by TechSmith. Jing save image capture in PNG formats and for the screen cast, Jing only saves screen casts in flash (.swf).

Jing project is a handy tools that i prefer compare with SnagIT or Camtasia. Jing is designed to be fast-visual communication shared with others in a variety of locations. Jing really convenient me with my online job, I recommend you to try Jing if need such tools with you. You will easily like it. Visit www.jingproject.com




2 responses

14 11 2008

Hi hajib (nice name,right?). So you’re Malaysian? Beautiful country i’m living in so you too. However i’m indonesian but living here in malaysia. I hope we could be friend. Thanks

15 11 2008

Thank you for dropping by and leave comment at bonoriau. Please come again. You have fantastic blogs.

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