Change your Gmail Themes

21 11 2008

Now you can customize your Gmail appearance with new Gmail Themes launched by Google on last Wednesday. People nowadays like to customize and personalised their computer tools and perhaps that would be the reason Google launched Gmail Themes for all Gmail users.

If the feature has arrived for you, you’ll see a banner across the top of your inbox.Once you’ve got the feature, click on Settings and then the Themes tab. From there you can choose from 30 different themes.

It’s so fun when you can customize your web tools with own style and moods. Are you a Gmail user? So don’t you give some changes to your Gmail?




6 responses

25 11 2008

Hi abang Hajib, sounds good with this feature, but sadly it don’t come to my Gmail yet. I’ve been waiting it for days. Mengenai posting blog saya beberapa waktu lepas yang abang komentari, dengan ini saya ingin menyampaikan beribu-ribu maaf, saya menyesal sangat telah mengecewakan abang, dan last saya dah edit posting tu dengan menghapus kalimat yang tidak sepantasnya. Harap abang bersedia memaafkan kesilapan saya. Really really sorry abang. Terima kaseh

26 11 2008

ya finally, gmail has come up with diz feature. which theme u selected? mesti u pilih candy theme nak?

27 11 2008
Abang Hajib

@Benlah = saya terima maaf nya… and thanks for your visiting…@Loretta = candy theme?? hahaha… at the moment i choose the grafitti one… cool..

28 11 2008

hiii abang hajib. could u give me some tips how to starting my google adsense after they approving my adsense. thank’s for the information.

29 11 2008
Abang Hajib

@gado-gado, dont forget to create channel for every adsense you place on your site, from that you can monitor which channel will give you most revenue. then color and ads placement is very important…

30 11 2008

It seems that every site is doing these nowadays like photobucket.

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