Comment Kahuna

5 12 2008

I have come across to one blog reviewing about commenting tools which is called Comment Kahuna which is a great tools for you to get a high page rank for your blogs and its all for FREE.

You will search for blogs and posts by the topic using Comment Kahuna. And you can fill in your comments for the keywords first and save them, and then you find all the top blogs and it takes a few seconds on each blog to leave your comment.

This is a great tools to build backlinks from blogs with high page rank. The great thing with this tools is that it finds the blogs that relate to your website subject making the post that more valuable in the search engines. Yes, it is a little time consuming but when you think that you are adding FREE relevant backlinks to your website, I consider the time to be well spent.

Well, I would suggest you try to use this Comment Kahuna as it can brings you truck load of traffic. The video below showing you what is Comment Kahuna is about and how to use it. So, brings traffic to you blog, get Comment Kahuna HERE.

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