5 Reasons Why Blog Design is Important

8 12 2008

I believe our blog design is one of the key to attract visitors to our blog. I won’t argued that great content is the most important part of the success blog but the great content would be more visible to audience when it written on a blog with the great blog design.

What we need when getting visitors to our blog is their first impression. We must show to our audience that we know what we are doing by showing off our blog design. Means that our blog design should looks more professional in order to attract new visitors to read the blog content.

Alright, to make it easy, I have list the 5 reasons why your blog design is so important in this Blogosphere;

1. It shows your personality – You would not going for an interview with only shorts and t-shirt for the executive position.

2. Blog design is for your readers, NOT you! – You should not put a strain on your readers eyes while they are reading on your content. Good font, enough font size.

3. Standout from others – You do not want your blog sink from other millions of blog out there. Show your own identity, make yourself standout.

4. Easy Navigation – Easy blog navigation helps readers from lost in your blog.

5. It shows you care – This will make your readers think that you are serious of what you are doing and it is not just for fun. Until now, I haven’t found a successful blogger that just blog for fun? Have you found one?

That is the 5 reason why your blog design is so important. Do you have other thought? Any addition to the 5 reason? You may leave it in the comment box.

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7 responses

9 12 2008
Signorina Syima

abg hajib,what is ur opinion with my blog’s design? hahaha itu kan orang punya design. pinjam kejap. i want “me” in the blog but dont get any idea bout that.the header in ur blog, is that ur original design???

9 12 2008

Hmm.. I must say, I design my blog designs because I love playing with the designs and challenge myself. But yeah, the reason you stated are all true! πŸ˜€

9 12 2008
Abang Hajib

@syima-biasalah syima, we start using ready made design… neway… from opinion, its good you do your article in paragraph… tak sakit mata nak baca.. πŸ™‚ btw, yupp, the header is my own design, photoshop newbie design… hehehe@ethel-i wouldnt comment bout your blog design, its awesome… πŸ™‚

11 12 2008
Daniel Ng

Hey bro. I think your blog design is awesome, i know nothing about blog design and hope that next time can learn from u. take care ya!

11 12 2008

really awesome..i like it….:D

11 12 2008

ya, that is important as important as our house

11 12 2008
Abang Hajib

@Daniel – thank you bro! anytime… @Muzri – thank you.

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