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12 12 2008

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The greatest challenge to website designers isn’t building the site but getting good traffic to promote the site. Simply submitting your sites url to Google isn’t going to do much in the long run. People use many more search engines than Google, and directories are essentials for links which translate into a higher page-rank on the search engine.

Linkreferral helps with this. The site is similar to a directory with tons of sites under different categories, but instead of paying to get to the top, users have to visit a certain number of sites and review a certain number to stay at the top of their category.

This is an ingenious idea since it provides a community where people can review your website and give some ideas on how to improve it. Best of all, your site is receiving organic traffic which promotes the site.

Registering for the site is extremely easy. Just go to Linkreferral, and sign up. After that the instructions are fairly easy to follow.

Keeping your site at the top of the rankings for each category is very simple. All you have to do is visit 30 sites (which is basically clicking the link then closing the window), write 5 reviews of different sites, post one forum topic or answer, and add one website to your favorites list. This will ensure that your site will stay at the top of its category. In all it usually takes 15 minutes to do. For the review though, please write a good detailed review, just writing “good site, good effort” isn’t worth much to the end user. Instead write what you thought about the site idea, the layout, the navigation, or other things that the user can take as advice. If you wouldn’t want to receive the review you’re writing, then don’t write it.

So if you want to promote your website and generate over 30 unique hits per day, then check out Linkreferral. Everyone I know who has used it said it was a great idea and works out really well.

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2 responses

13 12 2008
Signorina Syima

aha… new tips! thnx…just clicking the link then closing the window to keep me on the top… huhuhuhu bukan main tipu ke tu?

30 06 2009

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