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16 12 2008

I consider myself as a newbie in this Blogosphere. I still need to learn lots of things to become a success blogger. I read blogs a lot. Everyday I do blog walking. The most kind of blog I read is Internet marketing blog, personal blog, technology and blogging tips blog.

I have come across to this one blogging tips blog called Blog for Beginners, by Yan Susanto an Indonesia Blogger.

Once I reach this blog, my first impression is, “uhh.. cool blog! This blog have something what I need.”

I never heard Yan Susanto name before but after I read few article on his blog. I am myself consider him as a great blogger. He knows what he talking about.

I like to read his writing. very informative and helpful especially for new blogger like me. This blog would be one of my reference in blogging.

Personally, I will say, he is a good blogger and why am I saying this? Because he will reply your comment to his post and always ready to help you. He even will visit your blog and leave comment to your blog.

Well, I will not talking to much. What I can say is, I have subscribe to Yan’s blog, Blog for Beginners. It’s worth for me to subscribe and how about you? Go and visit his blog. Something is waiting for you there.

Subscribe to his blog now and you might stand a chance to win some awesome Christmas goodies courtesy of Blog for Beginners, Become a Better Blogger, Blog Setup for Beginners, Blog Blazers, Internet Marketing with Joe, A Blogger Blog, Site Flip Remix, the Marketing Vision, How To Blog, Extreme Ezine and the Ultimate Blogging Theme.

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14 responses

16 12 2008

keep bloging,,,never give up

16 12 2008

Thanks for the info, bro! Coz as for me which I consider as a raw newbie I really needed a lots of tips.

17 12 2008

He’s blog is great and even thou it was especially created for newbies even experts can learn a thing or two.

17 12 2008

nice info bro! kmk pun bok blaja mok blogging tok hehe anyway wishing u success in blogging arena πŸ™‚

17 12 2008

Yan has a wonderful blog. A lot of great information are there πŸ™‚

19 12 2008

Thanks for sharing! I shall visit that blog soon. And yeah, I love bloggers who tried to at least reply comments and visit back for courtesy. πŸ™‚

25 12 2008

Yeah bapak Yan is a full time problogger based in KL..and i did learned a lot from him about bloggingGood check out m recently love blog – Cupid Blogger Dot Com

26 12 2008

Merry Christmas!

30 12 2008
khairul onggon

Nang best juak blog si Yan ya.. Thanks bro..

11 01 2009

Your doing good….thanks for the tips

16 01 2009

Hey BangSorry for the long delay. The winner for the contest will be shuffled and announced this weekend.I hope you’re in the luck.Yan

4 02 2009
Brian D. Hawkins

Hi Abang, Yan is one of the most respected bloggers I know. You can’t find better people.

6 03 2009
Cyril Dason

Wah.. Really nice!!!

2 07 2009
bisnis online

Nice, keep blogging.

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