Back On Track

29 06 2009

It has been a while. The last article I have post is on 15/12/2008. It’s about 6 month ago. Actually, I was taking 6 month petroleum technology course in Terrengganu and will be going for on job training for another 6 month. While I was in Terengganu, I have very less time to get online because of the very pack schedule to complete the course. The only thing that I can do if I have time to get online is updating my facebook. I have completed the petroleum technology course and now I wish to continue writing for my blog and perhaps, I’ll write frequently.

What had happen to this blog after 6 month I leave without any single word from me?

-Pagerank has increase from zero to 2. The effect of this increases is the visitors to this site which come from the search engine is increase.

-Feeds Subscriber maintain around 50 something.

-Twitter follower increase up to 290.

-Fan on the facebook fan page increase to 23 people.

-And one thing for sure, people waiting for me to update my blog and that can be the bad things to happen when it takes to long to update your blog.

Well, I hope this would be the last holiday for this blog. People still visit my blog even I didn’t update my blog for so long. It means that the visitors need something from this blog, from what I write and from what I have shared. It had given me motivation to continue writing and I tell you, I really feel good when people read my writing. It is very Addictive.

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2 responses

30 06 2009
Darin Azri

haha.. nang lamak.. haha.. okay.. all the best to u ya..

30 06 2009
Abang Hajib

thanks darin…

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