Celcom Prepaid Broadband

19 07 2009

At last, I bought celcom prepaid broadband for my online needs. My job hates me to stay at home. Gonna miss my streamyx… 🙂 well, everything with me now should be portable includes my toiletries.

I choose prepaid broadband because I already have streamyx account and I wish not to have more bills address to me. The Celcom prepaid Stater Pack I bought for RM25 with pre-loaded RM20 inside and the pricing would be like this.

Daily Unlimited:
RM6 for 25 consecutive hours of Internet access at speeds of up to 384 Kbps

Weekly Unlimited:
RM20 for 7 consecutive days of Internet access at speeds of up to 384 Kbps

I bought vodafone modem for RM249 at Celcom shop at e-mart Miri. Quite a good price I get. I remember couple of months ago the price of the modem was RM350 but now most of the shop still sell the modem for about RM300.

Actually, you also can use your celcom prepaid like Xpax or Celcom Blue to buy the internet access by following this command, *118#. You can buy both 1 day or 7 days internet access. I bought the celcom prepaid broadband starter pack with the hope that the line would be more stable. well, see how, this Celcom broadband perform.

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One response

7 11 2009

lama tak singgah sini siot..

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