Bad Content on Tagged

7 09 2009

One of the Sosial Network that I join is Tagged. I like to play Pets and Yoville with it and for sure, to make new friends online and create network.

Lately, most of the time, It’s hard for us to send message or comment to our friends in Tagged. I guess Tagged having a problem. Usually, the error would show;

But, the message that I try to send is only, “How are you?” . Is that consider Bad Content? I don’t think so.

I am not the only one having this kind of problem. I have received lots of complains from my friend regarding to this issue.

Well, my message to Tagged, please solve this problem quickly before people getting tired with your service. πŸ™‚

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2 responses

9 09 2009
Ismail N

Agree with u. I quit using Tagged after less than a month. One of the worst Social Networking site on net!

16 09 2009
Mr. Cuz

I agree wif u…I also cannot send a message or comment even I only put a single word…I've tired using tagged…

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