Facebook Haters

11 09 2009

I updating and checking my Facebook daily. Just like you checking your phone. It’s freaking super addictive social media where you can interact with your friends around the globe or even you can promote your site and your business with it. I can say my daily life is not complete without Facebook. Perhaps and I wish, I will meet my future wife on Facebook. LoL… The best Social Media ever created.

Watch this short video about Facebook by Julian Smith. You are gonna like it! 😉

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4 responses

14 09 2009

Facebook is important nowadays, and thanks to its good privacy properties, it protects us from a lot of things.but anyway, the video you publish is nothing short of interesting ;P-cyrildason.com

15 09 2009

hope youl'll find the right life partner there..even the ministers now are using the FB…heheheh

2 01 2010


8 02 2010
Signorina Syima

LOL! All that are so true!I hate applications n gifts. Just ignore them…but i do like the relationship gossip.. kekekekekP/S: hopefully u'll find ur soulmate here… 🙂

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