Import Posts Dari Blogger ke WordPress

1 03 2010

Aku baru je berpindah dari kepada WordPress. Oleh sebab aku tak nak entri-entri aku yang lama kat blogspot tu hilang dan dibuang begitu saja dekat Blogger. Jadi aku import la semua content dan komen ke blog WordPress baru aku ni.

Senang jer nak import semua content dari Blogger ke WordPress. Tutorial yang aku nak beri ni pun cuma bedasarkan pengalaman aku import content aku dari blogger ke wordpress. Korang ikut jer la step-step mudah ni. Sebelum tu, pastikan Korang dah register blog kat wordpress seblom buat step-step ini.

1-> Log in ke

2->Dekat Dashboard, pegi ke [tools] dan klik import.

3->Pilih import post from Blogger.

4->Authorized kan import from Blogger

5->Grant Access ke

6->Dekat Magic Button tu, press ler Import

Note: Kalau progress import tu stuck, Klik reset the importer dan cuba import balik.

7->Akhir sekali, Tunggu progress import siap secara automatik.

Setelah siap, pegi ke Edit Post dan semua entri yang diimport sudah berada dekat post WordPress korang. Bolehlah delete blog Blogger tu kalau dah tak nak simpan lagi dan teruskan berblogging bersama WordPress!


WordPress Beginner

1 03 2010

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera kepada semua pembaca…
Wordpress Logo Sememangnya aku dah agak lama register dengan wordpress ni semenjak september 2008 tapi aku cuma register dan letak satu post then tetap juga berblog guna Baru sekarang aku rasa nak konsentret berblog guna wordpress ni sebab aku semakin hari semakin terpikat tengok blog-blog yang guna wordpress. Macam best jer.

Kalau ikut kata-kata blogger otai, kalau nak jadi blogger sejati, kenalah bertukar kepada wordpress. Banyak function dekat wordpress yang takde dekat dan yang paling di tekan oleh otai-otai blogger, WordPress lebih mudah untuk buat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) berbanding

Oleh sebab aku masih baru dalam bidang wordpress ni jadi aku tak tergesa-gesa la nak beri pendapat aku sendiri tentang wordpress ni. Aku akan terus explore dengan lebih mendalam lagi tentang wordpress ni dan insyaAllah akan ku kongsi bersama Ilmu dan pengetahuan yang aku dah belajar dengan wordpress ni. Sharing is Caring rite?

Flip Text, Turn Text Upside Down

6 01 2010

You can flip text, rotates text or turn text upside down by simply visit to, write into the box, copy and paste. You can use it for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, and etc. Try it and make things more fun on your social media! visit

Free Templates From Deluxe Templates

3 09 2009

Again, new look for my blog. Simple, clean and looks like a profesional Blogger Templates. Do you believe it I got it for free? Well, This is one example for Blogger Template where you can get it free from Deluxe Templates. They have over 250 new and fresh look blogger templates. You can easily download them and use them as your Blogger Templates for free.

Apart from providing free Blogger Templates. Deluxe Templates also provide you blogging tips and tricks especially for Blogger/Blogspot. I strongly recommend their tips and tricks to newbie in Blogosphere. I think they might need it.

Well, do you want a new look for your blog? for free? well grab it for free at Deluxe Templates.

p/s: Hmm… A little donation for them might help them to come with more new templates and blog design. πŸ™‚

Blogging Tips Blog

16 12 2008

I consider myself as a newbie in this Blogosphere. I still need to learn lots of things to become a success blogger. I read blogs a lot. Everyday I do blog walking. The most kind of blog I read is Internet marketing blog, personal blog, technology and blogging tips blog.

I have come across to this one blogging tips blog called Blog for Beginners, by Yan Susanto an Indonesia Blogger.

Once I reach this blog, my first impression is, “uhh.. cool blog! This blog have something what I need.”

I never heard Yan Susanto name before but after I read few article on his blog. I am myself consider him as a great blogger. He knows what he talking about.

I like to read his writing. very informative and helpful especially for new blogger like me. This blog would be one of my reference in blogging.

Personally, I will say, he is a good blogger and why am I saying this? Because he will reply your comment to his post and always ready to help you. He even will visit your blog and leave comment to your blog.

Well, I will not talking to much. What I can say is, I have subscribe to Yan’s blog, Blog for Beginners. It’s worth for me to subscribe and how about you? Go and visit his blog. Something is waiting for you there.

Subscribe to his blog now and you might stand a chance to win some awesome Christmas goodies courtesy of Blog for Beginners, Become a Better Blogger, Blog Setup for Beginners, Blog Blazers, Internet Marketing with Joe, A Blogger Blog, Site Flip Remix, the Marketing Vision, How To Blog, Extreme Ezine and the Ultimate Blogging Theme.

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10 Methods to Increase Pagerank

15 12 2008

It have been about 2 days without new article from me. I have spent my weekend at Permai Rainforest Resort. I was staying at the jungle cabin house without any internet facility and 3G coverage. I was having so much fun as we had so many activity.

Well, on this post I would like to talk about Page Rank. For those who may not know, Pagerank is a number assigned by Google according to their secret algorithm that is believed to be highly relevant to how high a page is placed in the search results. Google, Yahoo and all search engines regularly update their search page rankings. When they update these rankings, they look at certain key components of each available page.

Few weeks ago, I joined a forum whose members are webmasters. While reading their advices and useful articles regarding increasing popularity of blogs, I gained much information and experience. I read all about Pagerank, SEO and traffic building. This is the top ten methods that webmasters use to get traffic and increasing the pr value of their pages.

1. Regularly Updated your website by adding more unique content.

2. Make your content title good enough and more attractive.

3. Be careful with your grammar. Grammar is the most important element of an article with the content itself together. A good grammar enables reading process. Using catchy words and avoiding complex and long sentences make the article clear and explicit.

4. Use lots of meta keyword tags. Make sure you don’t repeat the same word more than 3 times in a row. Google only indexes the first 101K of the document.

5. Rss feeds are the best way of being indexed by search engines and getting backlinks. Add your rss feed link into popular rss services. My favourite one is Linkriver and Feedfury.

6. Provide inside linking to your website. For example you can provide a link of your previous and next articles on an article page. Or you can provide a list of related articles so visitor can remains a long time on your website.

7. Add the url of your link into signature part of forums. Join the forums and groups with the similar content.

8. Exchange your link with other web owners. Put their link on your website and they will put your link in them. This is for free and the very fast way to improve your visibility in search engines.

9. Make sure you include at least one link to Google. They need quality traffic as well. Don’t be greedy and hog it all to yourself. This can do wonders for your pages. Remember – Google may be going public soon – so the more traffic you send them the better.

10. Write articles and submit them to directories for publication distribution.

I hope this article help you as myself still learn and practice of what I have learn and read. And not forgotten, share with you.

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Free Blog Templates

11 12 2008

In my last post I have talking about the important of blog design. And with this post, I have some recommended site that provide free blog templates especially for Blogger and WordPress. Of course, if you want to have a unique blog design, it will cost you a lot to have it. If you new in this Blogosphere and you have a great content to show off, but you still doubtful to spend for unique blog design, well, you still can use thousand of free nice and cool templates out there.

The most important is, your great content must be published first, then you can think to have a great blog design that suit your content. As myself, I still using free template but I have modify it a bit with my own design.

I will not using my own money to buy the unique design for this blog but I wait until this blog can generate a dime to get its own design. This is how it should be, then, I will satisfy will all my hard work.

Well, This is some of the site that I recommend you to visit to find free templates for your blog. I recommend you to visit this 4 sites that provide free templates for Blogger and WordPress users.

1. – This is the largest free blog template provider sharing top-notch blog designs. Their blogging community scours the web looking for the best free blog template. You can become an eBlog Templates member for free! Submit your blog templates, access their blog forum, and more.

2. – The Author for this great site is Tetsuo. There are various collection of Blogger, WordPress, and Textpattern templates. You can get a lot of cool and fresh templates here. Recomended.

3. www.ourblogtemplates.comThis site provides free templates for blogger only. They have designed the templates with the priority of giving you huge freedom of modifying the templates completely – just from the Fonts and Colors panel. Recommended for Blogger user.

4. Provides free WordPress templates only. They are very good in making WordPress themes. Recommended for WordPress user.

Tired of your blog design? So, What are you waiting for? Get your blog with new look!

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