Google Personal Indetification Number

27 11 2008

After for about 3 weeks waiting, finally today I just received my Google AdSense Identification Number(PIN)through Airmail service. This PIN is important for Google AdSense to release payment to Google AdSense publisher.

As before in the past, AdSense would ask you to verify your information when you accumulated $50 in earnings by sending you a mail with your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This allows AdSense to conduct a simple verification that is required in order to ensure the security and accuracy of your information so you can receive payments from AdSense. However, AdSense now has lowered the minimum accumulated earnings to $10. In another words, now it is possible for publishers to receive their PIN earlier instead of waiting for their earnings to reach $50.

Once you have been mailed a PIN number, you will have 180 days to enter your PIN within your publisher account, or to request a replacement. If you do not enter your PIN within this period, your account will be disabled and your earnings refunded to the appropriate advertisers.

I made my first $10 with Google AdSense after 3 weeks I started with It is not a big amount but I still satisfy that I can earn something from this blog. Perhaps, all I need to do now is some aggressive Internet marketing, update this blog regularly and get more visitors. Now, I am waiting for my first check from Google.