How to Grade Your Twitter?

19 11 2008

I have come across to this site while I reading updates from my friends that I follow from twitter. It’s call twitter grader created by HubSpot Inc. Twitter Grader is a fun tools for Twitter user where you can calculate your Twitter grade and rank. It calculates your Twitter in a percentile score considering the number of followers you have, the size of your network of followers, the number of your updates and the completeness of your profile.

This site is so easy to use by simply type your Twitter username in the box and it will automatically calculate your Twitter grade and rank. I am sure it will be fun using this tools as you can check your Twitter grade and your friend’s Twitter as well. I consider myself as new Twitter user and I check my twitter grade with twitter grader, I got 76% grade and rank at 61,486 out 370,761 networks power. So, How about you? What is your Twitter grade? visit…


Jing Project: Screen Capture, Screen Casting and Instantly Sharing

13 11 2008

I spend most of my time on Internet. I blog, doing some Internet marketing, eBay-ing, and trading needs me to active posting in forum, discussion, and my social networks I created with Sometimes I need to share image or anything captured from my screen with my friend. So, I need a image sharing function program that will make easier and faster to share anything that I capture from my screen with my friend.

Jing Project is one of the sharing function screen capture and screen casting tools from TechSmith. It is a free software (for the time being) that you can easily capture or screen casting and instantly you can upload your files to screen which is a hosting site owned and run by TechSmith. Jing save image capture in PNG formats and for the screen cast, Jing only saves screen casts in flash (.swf).

Jing project is a handy tools that i prefer compare with SnagIT or Camtasia. Jing is designed to be fast-visual communication shared with others in a variety of locations. Jing really convenient me with my online job, I recommend you to try Jing if need such tools with you. You will easily like it. Visit