Flip Text, Turn Text Upside Down

6 01 2010

You can flip text, rotates text or turn text upside down by simply visit to
flipmytext.com, write into the box, copy and paste. You can use it for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, and etc. Try it and make things more fun on your social media! visit Flipmytext.com


Comment Kahuna

5 12 2008

I have come across to one blog reviewing about commenting tools which is called Comment Kahuna which is a great tools for you to get a high page rank for your blogs and its all for FREE.

You will search for blogs and posts by the topic using Comment Kahuna. And you can fill in your comments for the keywords first and save them, and then you find all the top blogs and it takes a few seconds on each blog to leave your comment.

This is a great tools to build backlinks from blogs with high page rank. The great thing with this tools is that it finds the blogs that relate to your website subject making the post that more valuable in the search engines. Yes, it is a little time consuming but when you think that you are adding FREE relevant backlinks to your website, I consider the time to be well spent.

Well, I would suggest you try to use this Comment Kahuna as it can brings you truck load of traffic. The video below showing you what is Comment Kahuna is about and how to use it. So, brings traffic to you blog, get Comment Kahuna HERE.

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YouTube Video Downloader by TechCrunch

27 11 2008

Yesterday my sister asking me whether we can download video from YouTube. My God! Everyday I watch video from YouTube but I never think about to download the video. As my sister request, I searched and did some survey about YouTube downloader from Search Engine. I found number of sites that provide YouTube video download but not all of them work properly and show only errors.

After a couple of hours searching, I finally found one great site provide YouTube video downloader service which is from TechCrunch.com. Great site with lots of technology information and online stuff. YouTube video is in .FLV format. After you download using TechCrunch YouTube Downloader. You need to find compatible player to view the file or you can convert the .FLV format to .MPG, .AVI, MP4 and etc. You can get the .FLV player from VLC or you can search for other compatible player by yourself. Well,If you want to download YouTube video to your Computer, please visit TechCrunch.com.

Change your Gmail Themes

21 11 2008

Now you can customize your Gmail appearance with new Gmail Themes launched by Google on last Wednesday. People nowadays like to customize and personalised their computer tools and perhaps that would be the reason Google launched Gmail Themes for all Gmail users.

If the feature has arrived for you, you’ll see a banner across the top of your inbox.Once you’ve got the feature, click on Settings and then the Themes tab. From there you can choose from 30 different themes.

It’s so fun when you can customize your web tools with own style and moods. Are you a Gmail user? So don’t you give some changes to your Gmail?

How to Grade Your Twitter?

19 11 2008

I have come across to this site while I reading updates from my friends that I follow from twitter. It’s call twitter grader created by HubSpot Inc. Twitter Grader is a fun tools for Twitter user where you can calculate your Twitter grade and rank. It calculates your Twitter in a percentile score considering the number of followers you have, the size of your network of followers, the number of your updates and the completeness of your profile.

This site is so easy to use by simply type your Twitter username in the box and it will automatically calculate your Twitter grade and rank. I am sure it will be fun using this tools as you can check your Twitter grade and your friend’s Twitter as well. I consider myself as new Twitter user and I check my twitter grade with twitter grader, I got 76% grade and rank at 61,486 out 370,761 networks power. So, How about you? What is your Twitter grade? visit… twitter.grader.com